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Yes. To keep transaction costs to a minimum (and be able to pass these savings on to you), payment for the telemedicine doctor consultation and the treatment program are processed at the same time.

A member of our Wah! help team (a Wah!star) will be in contact with you within 24 hours to arrange a full refund of the treatment program purchased. You only pay for the doctor consultation. $20.

If you change your mind during the Doctor consultation and don’t want to proceed with the treatment program, let the Doctor know. The Wah! Doctor will not write a prescription for any patient that doesn’t consent to treatment. Following this a member of our Wah! help team (a Wah!star) will be in contact with you within 24 hours to arrange a full refund of the treatment program purchased. You only pay for the doctor consultation, $20.

If during the Doctor consultation you decide to amend your treatment program, discuss this with the Doctor. The Wah! Doctor will only write a prescription for the medications you consent to. Following this a member of our Wah! help team (a Wah!star) will be in contact with you within 24 hours to arrange the amended treatment program. If you’ve reduced your program, you will be due a refund. If you’ve increased your program, we will arrange payment for the additional products you wish to purchase.

No. We don’t charge an administration or processing fee when processing your refund.

Relax, hair loss is a really common problem, in fact more than 50% of males will experience hair loss during their lifetime. It can be caused bygenetics, hormone imbalance or a medical condition, with the most common form being genetic, generally referred to as male pattern baldness. It starts with a bald spot or a receding hair line and then gets worse as you get older. But that’s why you’re here, to keep your Wah! If you’ve experienced a sudden loss of hair, it is likely to be a condition other than male pattern baldness and should seek medical help with your family doctor to find the cause.
OK, you’ve noticed your hair thinning over time, the hair line slowly creeping up, well you’ve come to the right place for help. There are two main pharmaceuticals used to treat male pattern baldness, and both are available when prescribed by the Wah! doctor. Regulations in Singapore don’t allow the products to be advertised but one is an oral medication that works by blocking the hormone that is the main cause of male pattern baldness, and the other is a topical lotion applied to your scalp that stimulates hair regrowth.

No, there is no cure for hair loss, and you should be careful of any business promising to do so. However, there are scientifically proven medications that have been shown to be effective. At Wah! the doctor will assess the most suitable medications to be prescribed for you that may help you to reverse balding and decrease the rate of your hair loss.

Genuine treatments take a little time to do their thing, so don’t expect dramatic results overnight. Typically, hair loss medication takes 3 to 6 months of daily usage to start seeing visible changes, however like all supplement s and medications, results vary from person to person. The longer you can commit to treatment, the better your chance of maximising your Wah! factor.

Side effects are rare, but a small percentage of males have reported adverse reactions to the medications provided in the treatment plans. Some uncommon side effects include irritation or redness of scalp, breast pain, testicular pain, allergic reactions, mild cases of ejaculation disorder and/or erectile dysfunction or decreased sex drive.  Possible side effects differ by medication, so detailed information will be given to you by your doctor during the online consultation, relating to the medication recommended for you. If at any time you experience any of these, or if you have concerns, you can contact us at help@wah.com.sg for a free follow-up consult with your doctor, to discuss changing your dosage or alternative medications. If you experience any serious side effects, effects that don’t go away or allergic reactions, seek immediate medical attention.

Singaporean regulations restrict Wah! from listing the specific prescription medications included in our treatment programs, however you can be rest assured that we only recommend treatment recognised as world leading medication for the treatment of hair loss. To see an example of the literature relating to the prescription-strength solution click here. To see an example of the literature relating to the prescription tablet click here.

You will be charged a $20 doctors consultation fee, and then treatment plans start at as little as $1/day. This includes all delivery charges, so you won’t pay for delivery.

We are continually reviewing our prices to get an efficient and effective treatment program to you, at a discounted price. We focus on providing services to males with male pattern baldness, so we have lower operating expenses when compared to clinics.

No, delivery must be to a local Singaporean address.

Wah! is a Singaporean online telemedicine provider providing a platform for men to seek treatment for a range of men’s health issues. We’ve begun with offering hair loss treatment, and will be expanding this to include practical treatments for skin, sexual, physical and mental health. You can find us listed on ACRA, WAH! We Are Here!

Wah! is operated by A&M Medical Centre Lic No. 13C0297/03/175 and is proud to be listed in MOH’s list of direct telemedicine providers. The senior Doctor has been treating Singaporean patients for over 20 years and with a specific focus on patients with hair loss for over 10 years. All doctors on the Wah! platform are Singapore Medical Council (SMC) registered medical practitioners and reside in Singapore. Being a registered Singaporean Medical Clinic and doctor means that we always ensure that we follow the SMC Ethical Code & Ethical Guidelines, as well as the National Telemedicine Guidelines.